Around the Property

Wild life is abundant. Just this spring, on this property, two does each delivered twin fawns which are often seen wandering about. Both grey and the larger red squirrels are plentiful and if are lucky you might be able to see the rare flying variety. Rabbits, wild turkeys, grouse, and a multiplicity of other animals are often seen in this private sanctuary. At night one might hear the call of the whippoorwill and the occasional owl. Migrant waterfowl often use Bear Track Lake as a rest stop. They seem to tarry and to share stories with the resident waterfowl which includes domesticated ducks and wild wood ducks that nest in the trees at the head of the lake. In the center of the property is a 29 million gallon spring-fed lake which has hundreds of fish including crappie, bass, catfish, bluegill, and rock bass. The lake has been managed for over thirty years; some 30 year old catfish are tackle-busting monsters weighting upwards of 25 pounds. The shoreline stretches for almost a mile, all which can be explored by electric powered boats. Other watercraft available includes a canoe and a pedal boat that sports a canopy. Underneath the spectacular cliffs are several overhangs, one which measures 30 ft. deep and 90 ft. wide with a ceiling 30 ft. above. Another is 20 ft. deep and 100 ft. wide which is bisected by a natural arch which has been named “On the Other Side of Contrary Arch”. Many visitors, coming to visit the Red River Gorge and Natural Bridge, never leave the property which includes rock shelters and a natural bridge. Picnic tables have been located in special places throughout.